“A Walk Through The Bible” (Part 2)

Sept. 22, 2013- 1 Peter 1.1-12“The Suffering and the Glory”
The Rev’d Guy BellerbyThe Suffering and the Glory.mp3

Sept. 1, 2013- 2 Timothy 4.1-9“My Last Will and Testament”
The Rev’d Geoffrey DixonMy Last Will and Testament.mp3

Aug. 25, 2013- Titus 1.5-2.1“Shall We Order”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneShall We Order.mp3

Aug. 11, 2013- Ephesians 1.11-23“Blessing God for Blessing Us”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneBlessing God for Blessing Us.mp3

Aug. 4, 2013- Philippians 2.1-13“Have This Mind”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneHave This Mind.mp3

July 28, 2013- 2 Corinthians 3.1-18“Authentic For Sure”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneAuthentic For Sure.mp3

July 21, 2013- 1 Corinthians 1.1-17“Book Ends”
Mr. Guy ChampagneBook Ends.mp3

July 14, 2013- Romans 1.1-17“Paul and the Book of Romans”
Bishop Trevor WaltersPaul and the Book of Romans.mp3

July 7, 2013- 1 Thessalonians 1.1-10“Clear to the End”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneClear to the End.mp3

June 23, 2013- Acts 13.1-12“And So it All Begins”
The Rev’d Geoffrey DixonAnd So it All Begins.mp3

June 16, 2013- Acts 11.1-18“This is the Frame This is the Door”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneThis is the Frame This is the Door.mp3

June 9, 2013- Acts 9.1-9“A Rebel Redeemed”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneA Rebel Redeemed.mp3

June 2, 2013- Acts 4.1-22“Devilish Counter Attack”
The Rev’d Douglas PatstoneDevilish Counter Attack.mp3

May 26, 2013- Acts 2.37-47“What Makes a Church Irresistible”
The Rev’d Guy BellerbyWhat Makes a Church Irresistible.mp3

May 19, 2013- Acts 2. 22-41“The Very First Sermon”
The Rev’d Guy BellerbyThe Very First Sermon.mp3

May 5, 2013- Matthew 28.16-20“The Planted Seed”
The Rev’d Guy BellerbyThe Planted Seed.mp3

April 28, 2013- John 21. 1-14“Fish to Live or Live to Fish”
The Rev’d Guy BellerbyFish to Live or Live to Fish.mp3

April 21, 2013- Acts 27-28“On Assignment”
Bishop Trevor WaltersOn Assignment.mp3

April 14, 2013- Mark 16. 1-8“Rolling Stones”
The Rev’d Guy BellerbyRolling Stones.mp3

April 7, 2013- Luke 24. 13-35“Going Down the Road”
Jesse RegierGoing Down the Road.mp3