We Are

an Anglican evangelical church committed to Biblical truth as once-delivered through the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ being the cornerstone. We seek to come to him as he commands and invites, to share his Gospel message of salvation and new life with the world around us.

Anglican Network in Canada

is our diocese, part of a new Anglican Province-in-formation known as the ANGLICAN CHURCH in NORTH AMERICA (ACNA). There are 45 parishes and church plants in our diocese, some small and some very large. There are over 120 licensed clergy, including 6 bishops, who minister to over 4000 people on average each Sunday. Please click here for more information on our diocese, including our connection to ACNA and the worldwide Anglican Communion.


is, in its traditional forms, solidly-committed to the Bible as the rule and revelation of God to mankind. As a part of ANIC, we uphold and the historic faith as expressed by Anglicans since the 16th century through:

the Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds
the 39 Articles of Religion; and
the Book of Common Prayer.

Alongside many conservative Anglican parishes within our Canadian context, we affirm the Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials (1994), and support the content of GAFCON’s Jerusalem Declaration (2009).

All these documents can be viewed or copies downloaded here.

Our Parish Leadership

meets once a month to provide leadership and oversight for the ministries of the Parish.

The Rev’d Geoffrey Dixon (Interim Rector)

Guy Champagne (Rector’s Warden)

Alison Chinn (People’s Warden)

Mike Williams (Treasurer)

Leslie Watson (Council Member)

Jane Lachlan (Council Member)

Karen Semple: Parish Secretary

Ministry Leaders

Susan Schleppe: Music Director
: Sunday School Coordinator