Growth Groups are small groups which meet weekly in parishioners’ homes or at Nanoose Place, to study and pray the Bible together.

We gather like this following the example of the early Church in Boerea: “… they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” (Acts 17.11) Growth Groups provide a comfortable and personal way to be together, to learn and care for each other. And they are God’s way to Grow the Gospel in the world, as well as to Grow Christians in knowledge and love for Jesus and one another. Please see the Growth Group locations.

For more information call the church office (250-752-2942).

Training & Learning

is part of the Biblical mandate to “make disciples, teaching them to observe all my commandments” (Matthew 28.19). Several times a year, courses are offered in Discipleship or some aspect of the Christian life. Christianity Explored is one such course, which teaches basic Christianity, through DVD and discussion groups, over 10 weeks. It has been run worldwide since its beginnings in 2001.

Excellent Resource Material for Growth

Matthias Media, St. Helen’s (Bishopsgate), UK, Desiring God, USA, Redeemer Presbyterian (New York), Regent College, BC

Any book or Bible Study Guide in print can be ordered for purchase from the
Mulberry Bookstore in Oceanside: just click here for their on-line ordering page.